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A computer is a tool used to process data according to the procedures that have been formulated. The word computer was originally used to describe people whose work performed arithmetic calculations, with or without tools, but the meaning of this word was then transferred to the machine itself. Its origin, information processing is almost exclusively related to arithmetic problems, but modern computers are used for many tasks that are not related to mathematics.

In that sense there are tools such as slide rules, types of mechanical calculators ranging from abacus and so on, to all contemporary electronic computers. A better term suitable for broad meanings such as “computer” is “information processing” or “information processing system.” Over the years there have been several different meanings in the word “computer”, and several different words are now called computers.
The word computer has generally been used to define people who do arithmetic calculations, with or without auxiliary machines. According to the Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology, the word was used in English in 1646 as a word for “one who counted” and then by 1897 it was also used as a “mechanical calculating device”. During World War II the word refers to American and British female workers whose work counts the way of war artillery with a counting machine.
Charles Babbage designed one of the first calculating machines called analytic machines. In addition, various simple machine tools such as slide rules can also be said to be computers.

1. The computer is a useful and sophisticated industrial product.

The computer that we know today is the result of the development of electronic and informatics technology so that the original computer form is large and places to eat, now in the form of a small with great capabilities. The advancement of the IC electronic component industry (integrated circuit) has encouraged the creation of a variety of IC chip devices that are diverse and support various purposes of manufacturing electronic products. The advancement of electronic technology cannot be separated from the progress in the field of knowledge and processing of semiconductor materials, especially silicon.

The benefits of computers today are quite diverse ranging from writing aids, drawing, editing photos, playing videos, playing songs to analyzing data from research results as well as operating programs to solve scientific, industrial and business problems. The world of children has long known game play tools that are controlled by computer systems. In the industrial sector, computers have been used to control high-precision production machines (for example CNC, a versatile machine in the metal industry) so that we can find various metal industrial products that are varied and we imagine it difficult to do manually. There are also many machines in the garment industry equipped with computer controls, for example a body hat company can produce caps with uniform embroidery quality in large quantities in a short time. In trading companies such as department stores have been used cash register machines (cash register) that are equipped with computer controls so that the machine can be controlled by the manager only from the office. In the field of education, besides being found as a learning aid, many laboratory equipment is equipped with a computer so that the tool can work more closely and can overcome the constraints of human sensory barriers. From the field of education and research that uses these tools a variety of useful research results that are not felt have been widely used in the daily lives of many people. Various medicines for both human health and agriculture and animal husbandry have been widely used by the community. In the field of biotechnology, many culture equipment has been equipped with computer controls to strive for working accuracy in sterile spaces. Australian companies have developed robots for biotechnology purposes. The application of the most sophisticated computer controls is found in airplanes and spacecraft. To be able to overcome various natural obstacles and difficult to do by a pilot manually, an aircraft can be controlled automatically so that it can fly safely at the destination.

Thus the magnitude of the benefits of computers, for this reason in this paper was introduced about a computer and how to assemble it. In this paper, it is not carefully explained how to build a computer electronic circuit or build a computer software (software), to be able to know this you still have to study in the field of Electronics and Information Technology. This paper is intended so that you do not misplace